All Charts Point to Golden Pond

You’re retiring soon? Great. No more working for you. Then what? What will you do for that 8-10 hours per day, Monday to Friday? Sooner or later you may downsize. Like many, you will make travel plans. I think you will agree, these are the easy questions.

The more complicated questions have to do with your retirement planning. Let’s talk about them.

Will my retirement lifestyle differ from current?

How much do I need to retire based on my lifestyle?

How much income will I have in retirement?

How will inflation affect my retirement income?

How can I invest my savings until I need them?

How should I invest my savings while I draw on the income?

Am I required to withdraw funds from my RRSPs by a certain age?

As your career winds down you may want to know whether to withdraw from your RRSP versus your TFSA.

What are my pension options?

Early retirement and/or deferred pension?

Does it make sense to collect the Canada Pension Plan benefit early? Or wait?

Which would be more appropriate for me? A Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) or a Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB)?

I have too many investment accounts to keep track of. What options are available to simplify my portfolio?

I can help you …

Bring clarity to your current situation

Set realistic goals and take steps to achieve them

Save for education of loved ones

Plan and save for retirement

Plan and prepare for income withdrawals in a tax efficient manner

Choose the right investment mix to build the appropriate investment portfolio

Assess your insurance needs and make recommendations

Build an estate to leave to your family or charity

Save and invest in ways that reduce your taxes

Assess and revise your plan to accommodate major life changes

Retirees need Insurance more than ever