CM Financial Group helps individuals, families and businesses in Toronto and Central Ontario to consider Financial Planning, Life Insurance and Investments to meet their needs.

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Introducing the principal of CM Financial Group, Monica Ly

Committed to life-long learning about the features and benefits of life insurance and investments for individuals, families and businesses, Monica delivers value you can count on. She speaks three languages. She is a parent. She also makes time for a few personal interests.

Meet Monica.

Qualified to Serve You Better

Monica’s qualifications include three professional designations:

Certified Financial Planner, CFP
Chartered Life Underwriter, CLU
Certified Health Insurance Specialist, CHS

… plus a university degree and certificate, and extensive industry experience.

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What CM Financial Group can do for you

Financial tools to help you at every stage in life

We can help you to understand the financial tools that are available to you every step of the way. Laying out a plan enables you to take advantage of more opportunities. This involves talking about your values.

For many, caring for loved ones and helping them realize their dreams throughout every stage of growth, is life’s priority.

This commitment typically begins with the birth and care of infants, raising toddlers and providing for their education and training. It includes supporting adult children as they establish new careers and businesses, get married and begin raising the next generation. It also focuses on helping partners, friends or extended family as we grow, adapt and age.

While able, we also need to plan for and manage our own golden years when our focus shifts from travel and fulfilling wishes on our bucket lists to finding simpler ways to live. We can help you find insurance solutions that meet your medical requirements, and investment solutions that deliver the security you want for your family and loved ones.

Throughout our lives, supporting loved ones and others makes our lives meaningful. You may have philanthropic goals in areas where you see a special need. It is how you want to make a difference in this world.

Your values and goals are vital to us. Our goal is to help you find peace of mind to savour the joy in your life.

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